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Cello Discussion Topics


  • In the Foreword, the author discusses the portrayal of old people. Do the stories in this collection help to break down stereotypical ideas? If so, how?

  • How does the author use symbols and metaphors to illustrate her themes in the collection?

  • How does the author describe the characters in the stories? Are the descriptions effective?

White Hyacinths

  • In White Hyacinths, the daughter finds out about her parents' past. How does she feel about this?

  • How does the description of the white hyacinths in the story illustrate its theme?


  • In Miriam, a family secret is revealed. How do you think Lucy will react?

  • What might she do now?


  • How does the author convey Stephen's awkwardness?

Cloth of Gold

  • In what ways does the Cloth of Gold weave its way through the story?

  • Can the story continue?

Sailing to Zanzibar

  • Sailing to Zanzibar describes two journeys. How does the author link the two, and does the connection work?


  • In this story, two contrasting worlds make contact. What are the barriers of understanding between them?

  • How do the characters try to cross them?

  • In what way do the shells, as described at the outset, illustrate the themes of the story?

His Story

  • Is there more than one story described?

  • What is Edward's story?


  • How does Cello affect you?

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