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Holding Stones - Roberta Dewa
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Holding Stones

by Roberta Dewa

The past is very much part of the present for the characters in this book. It provides the raw material for the memories that hold together their sense of who they are and where they belong. For some, the past haunts them, drawing them back to a place, or a person. It represents a struggle to break with, or find meaning in the past. For others, it is like visiting an old friend, bringing warmth and a reassurance of who they are.

Roberta Dewa writes with a distinctive style and with acute observation of people and places. Images remain with the reader, long after the story has been read.

“Congratulations Pewter Rose for being the latest publisher to spring up in town and for taking the audacious risk of publishing a short story collection — thank goodness they did. This collection has a better moral sense than the entire self-help section in the library. The stones the author is holding onto in the title story and the others accompanying them are those of memory, ‘smooth rounded granite, grey and dense with the weight of the seabed in them’. Whether positive or negative, memories must be embraced as it is the rich tapestry of experience which shapes us in the present and enables us to change. Or as my mate says ‘it happens, get over yours’.”

James Walker, Left Lion 30