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Striking Out

by Daphne Glazer

Striking Out is a collection of stories about people encountering moments of revelation. Sometimes people must face their own failings and come to terms with the hurt they cause others. The vulnerabilities and strangeness of individuals emerges, but also their ability to grow through their experiences.

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Still Me…

by All Write Then

This captivating anthology showcases a selection of contemporary writing that will surprise, touch, delight and inspire.

The poems and short stories explore the themes of love, loss and laughter, through characters who gallivant across the pages, some falteringly and others at a lickety-split.

Profits from the sale of each book will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society.

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Talking to Owls

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Matty Lonnin & Joan Wainright, His Lordship and Mr Franks, Gidley Jones, His Excellency, The Three Billy Groughs, Logan Carr and Willie Nobbutt, Cullen McKee and the Piper, Charlie Foley, Geoffrey and Peters, Bladon and the Science Desk editor, Marcie, Jimmy Mack and Chillworth, and two men in badly fitting suits are all, along with Maurice, amongst the characters in Talking to Owls, the short stories, flash fictions and monologues, of Brindley Hallam Dennis.

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White Poppies

by Vivien Jones

How do women cope with war? Whether they are wives, daughters, lovers, mothers or mistresses they suffer and celebrate, but often on the sidelines. These stories explore the experience of women among warriors in a wide range of settings – from myth to Roman and Renaissance history, from World War II to the present day.

Recent Publications

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The stories in Heather Shaw’s first collection explore how we see ourselves and how others see us. Ranging from an Eighteenth Century cleric, to an artist revealing his true feelings in his paintings, the stories show the gaps between what is said and what is felt.

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'I had no plans to marry, my career lay comfortable and predictable before me; but seeds beneath the dry sands can be awakened with rain after thirty years, and so it was with me.'

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Standing Water

A novel by Terri Armstrong

When Dom Connor returns to the Western Australian Wheatbelt for his mother's funeral after eight years away, he is shocked to find a region on the verge of collapse, devastated by drought and salinity. The family farm his brother Neal has run since he was seventeen is close to ruin. For Neal's wife, Hester, the farm has been a sanctuary, a haven from her troubled past. Leaving is unthinkable, even as Neal's behaviour becomes frighteningly unpredictable. Dom, drawn to Hester, wants to help. But when Andy turns up — a link with the past for both Hester and Dom, his arrival threatens to explode an already highly-charged situation.

Winner of the Yeovil Literary Prize 2010

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Amelia and the Virgin

Set in Liverpool in 1981, on the eve of the Pope's visit, this is a fast-paced and wickedly funny tale of religious hysteria, human duplicity and corrupted innocence.

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The Onion Stone

A twentieth century academic rivalry over more than just prestige is cleverly juxtaposed against a poignant seventeenth century tale of doomed love and the true identity of Shakespeare.


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    One of Vivien Jones' stories from Perfect 10 has been made into a short film. Access it here.

  • A Penny Spitfire [+]

    It is October 1947 in an industrial town, and people are grappling with the changes that war and history have forced upon them.

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    Derek Fitton is a mechanic, and a good one, but people do not fit together as easily as engines. Across the road, at the Odd Dog pub, Burma Sammy drinks away his demob money while Charles Bury, younger son of a local business man, dreams of a new, fairer world. Meanwhile Clive Dandridge entangles a troop of misfit children, including the introspective Paul and the runaway Jack, in his perverted schemes, from a hidden den deep within the rubble of a bombsite.

    Brindley describes the creative thinking behind his work in our latest blog entry.

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    Fiona discusses her latest visit to Brazil on the Pewter Rose Press Blog.

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    The latest entry on the Insignificant Gestures Tour is Tom Vowler's How to Write a Novel. For the full tour see here.

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